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Genesis Biotech Inc.
[2009-05-18] New distributor in China (Biolead Biology Sci & Tech CO.,LTD.)...(continues”K)
[2009-03-03] Genesis offers free Tag Antibody samples (10ug/pack) from now to 06/30/2009. Please contact us or any international distributor close to you about the details...(continues”K)
[2009-02-03] New distributor in Germany(Acris Antibodies GmbH)...(continues”K)
[2009-01-21] New distributor in U.S.A.(LifeSpan BioSciences, Inc.)”K(continues”K)
[2009-01-21] New distributor in U.S.A.(Novus Biologicals, LLC)”K(continues”K)
[2008-07-30] Nonapeptide prevents the melanocytes from synthesizing abnormal amounts of melanin when the skin is exposed to sunshine.”K(continues”K)
[2008-07-21] Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide delays the effects of premature aging and improves elasticity and firmness.”K(continues”K)
[2008-07-01] New distributor in Indonisia(CV. Kristalindo Biolab)... (continues”K)
[2008-06-23] Acetyl Hexapeptide relaxes the repeating contraction of the muscle causing the wrinkle.”K(continues”K)
[2008-06-11] Dipeptide can improve lymphatic circulation, reduces capillary permeability and detoxifies skin.”K(continues”K)
[2008-06-09] Copper Tripeptide is used in skin healing, care hair, and new skin growth.”K(continues”K)
[2008-06-02] Palmitoyl Pentapeptide increases skin thickness and improves the appearance of aging skin, and stimulates the production of collagen ¢¼ fibroblasts.”K (continues”K)
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