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Genesis Biotech Inc.
Origin Genesis Biotech Inc. is established in April, 2001 by a group of enthusiastic scientists and entrepreneurs.The main goal of Genesis Biotech Inc. is to use information of novel genes and proteins revealed by Human Genome Project to screen new therapeutic targets,  then use the unique technology platform of Genesis Biotech Inc. to develop new drugs or specific antibodies.
Results and technology from the research and development in Genesis Biotech Inc. will be licensed and commercialized. 
Our Mission The mission of Genesis Biotech Inc. is offering advanced technology and products with the best quality and the best service to customers in biotech research and relevant product manufacture. Genesis Biotech Inc. hopes to play an important role in human genome function research and become a global center of custom-oriented biotech service and genome function research licensing to improve all people's health .
Business Coverage One short-term goal of Genesis Biotech Inc. is to use modern technology platform to provide customer-oriented biotech services including custom polyclonal antibodies, custom monoclonal antibodies, custom peptide, custom peptide array, gene cloning, gene expression, and protein purification.
Genesis Biotech Inc. also has developed three kits commonly used in life science research, TriPure™ kit (a kind of RNA, DNA, protein purification kit to purify RNA, DNA, protein from cells, tissues and blood cells),RNApure™ kit (a kind of RNA purification kit to purify RNA from cells, tissues and blood cells)
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