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Peptide synthesis
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Genesis Biotech Inc.
 Linear Peptide Synthesis
The Principle of Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis
The Advantages of synthetic peptide manufactured from Genesis
All products are manufactured by high quality control and Genesis Biotech Inc. also supplies HPLC and Mass Spectrum assay data .
Genesis Biotech Inc. has peptide synthesizers, using solid-phase peptide synthesis to generate peptides up to about 60 amino acids. We are able to provide the best and quickest service.
Time of Delivery
Crude peptide : 15 days. 
Purity peptide  : 25 days.
Base on difficile degree of peptides synthesis, Genesis Biotech Inc. reserves the decision of delivery time.)
Please contact us for peptide quotation.
E-Mail: yyrainny@gmail.com
TEL: +886-2-2218-1730
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