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Genesis Biotech Inc.
Why do we choose Genesis Biotech Inc?
Genesis Biotech Inc. is different from other biotech companies which only acts as an intermediate agent to place orders for customers; Genesis Biotech Inc. is also capable to provide a wide range of in-house biotech products and service as well as related technical supports and assistance.¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´Just provide peptide sequences: Genesis Biotech Inc. can produce all of antibody products via epitope prediction, antigen design and peptide synthesis.¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡´Just provide target genes: We are able to process gene recombination, gene expression, protein purification and antibody preparation.
How many gram of antigen can produce the high throughout antibody?
¡´ 1 rabbit 2.5 mg purified antigen ( > 99% purity¡B1.0 mg / ml )
¡´ 2 rabbits 4.5 mg purified antigen ( > 99% purity¡B1.0 mg / ml )
¡´ 2 rats 1.0 mg purified antigen ( > 99% purity¡B1.0 mg / ml )
¡´ 3 rats 1.2 mg purified antigen ( > 99% purity¡B1.0 mg / ml )
¡´ 3 mice 1.2 mg purified antigen ( > 99% purity¡B1.0 mg / ml )

How much percentage of the antigen should the client provide? What kind of buffer is suitable for immunization?
¡´The best concentration of the antigen is larger than 1£gg/£gl. Please label the exact concentration.¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´Please dissolve the antigen in a nonpoisonous and bio-affordable buffer (such as PBS, Tris, Borate, Phosphate, etc
How to prepare the antigen that is in SDS-PAGE before delivering to Genesis Biotech Inc?
If the client provide the antigen in SDS-PAGE, we suggest them prepare the antigen following the pre-process below. Or animals will die from being injected with large concentration of acrylamide gel antigen.¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´Concentrate the sample as possible as you can. ¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´Load the sample in one piece of acrylamide gel if possible.¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´Run mingled or std. Gels (1 mm or 1.5 mm thickness). Use a big flat comb with no wells.¡@ ¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´Stain the gel with coomassie blue and then destain it. (Decrease the toxicity of acrylamid gel.)¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´Cut the clear and firm band out of the gel. Carefully cut along the edge of the band.
Can Genesis biotech Inc. help customers for epitope prediction and antigen design?
Of course, you just need to provide gene sequences or gene names, our company engineer would design peptide sequence and synthesize peptides what you need. Computer analysis and expert selection of the most antigenic portion of your protein is included with all custom antibody packages.
How to send the antigen to Genesis biotech Inc?
¡´Our company will pick up the antigen from you.¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´You can deliver the antigen to our company by a logistics company (eg. Takkyubin).¡@
¡´Overseas customers can send the antigen by FedEx. (Customers need to pay for the delivery fee.)
How much volume of antiserum can the client get?
¡´ 1 rabbit 50 ml anti-serum
¡´ 2 rabbits 100 ml anti-serum
¡´ 2 rats 6.0 ml anti-serum
¡´ 3 rats 9.0 ml anti-serum
¡´ 3 mice 1.2 ml anti-serum
How to control the quality of customers¡¦ antibody in Genesis Biotech Inc?
We will test the titer of the antibody by ELISA or Western Blot, and assure it will be larger than 10 K. Before immunizing animals, we will take blood samples to test the titer of the antibody. The client can also ask for testing blood during process.
What advantages can the customer get from ordering antibody products of Genesis Biotech Inc?
We complete the projects within a short period of time.¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´We usually inform our customers about the progress by telephone or e-mail.¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´We will inquire the feedback from our customers.¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´We will give discount when the customers reorder. ¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´We will update information about our products and deliver to our customers.
What circumstances will we advice the client to do antibody purification?
Antibody purification will increase the reliability of your experiment, and decrease cross-reaction and non-specific reaction of experiment.
How to deliver the antibody?
¡´A sale person from our company will deliver the frozen antibody.¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´We will send by home delivery with a iced container at temperature of 4¢J to the customers in Taiwan.¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´For the overseas customers, we will ship the antibody by FedEX with a iced container at temperature of 4¢J. The customers need to pay for the postage.
How to store the antibody?
¡´Avoid repeating freeze/thaw cycles.
¡´Divide the antibody solution into small quantity.¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@
¡´For a short storage, keep the products at the temperature of 4¢J in a refrigerator.¡@
¡´For a long storage, keep the products at the temperature of -20¢Jor -80¢J in a freezer.
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